More on Mysore

Mysore-style ashtanga yoga is unique in that the practice is performed in vinyasa style, choreographed with breath. Practitioners move through the sequence at their own pace, so that once the sequence is memorized, the practice works like a meditation, with awareness moving from gross to subtle realms of consciousness. Awareness becomes internalized, and the practitioner observes the movements of the mind while purifying mentally and physically.

Typically, Mysore is practiced in the early morning hours, before breakfast, six days a week. Rest is taken one day a week, usually on Saturdays, as well as Moon Days (day of the full & new moon) & Ladies’ holidays (days when you’re menstruating, ladies). The Mysore room is silent, with a teacher offering adjustments and occasionally offering verbal direction.

If you would like to experience this powerful practice, we ask that you commit to a 6-week beginners series. Beginners pick a day of their choosing and show up for practice 6 weeks in a row. Drop-ins are discouraged, but considered for visiting students & students with an existing Mysore practice, as the attention given in the Mysore room is highly individualized. Email for more information.


While Pranava believes that participating in lineage and community is the strongest foundation for serious study to take root, we also believe that the work of the teacher is to foster self-awareness and self-knowledge in the student. Our lineage is connected to the work of Zoe Mai, authorized ashtanga teacher and director of the American Sanskrit Institute, and Manju Jois, son of Patthabi Jois, founder of ashtanga yoga. We believe their work has fostered this awareness and more, inspiring the community to thrive today.