Not About the Cheese: Atmabhava as The Nature of Existence

To practice atmabhava is to embody the belief that we are all innately divine, holy, and noble. This divinity does not exist outside of ourselves and we are never separate, nor rendered exiles to the supreme fact of existence: humanity is an embodiment of divinity, and we are all manifestations of God, or “Hari, Rama,Continue reading “Not About the Cheese: Atmabhava as The Nature of Existence”

Honor the Blank Space: Dissolution as Rebirth

“At the time of pralaya, dissolution, Shakti withdraws herself from creation, thus causing everything to disintegrate, decay and die. Shakti in the form of prana creates and preserves the manifest beings and objects… (but) Shakti in the form of Kali cuts the noose of time, space and object, initiating the end or destruction of matter.Continue reading “Honor the Blank Space: Dissolution as Rebirth”